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David Williams Professional Web Designer and Web Developer
David Williams offers Affordable Web Design and Professional Web Development Services to Create, Publish and Promote Your Web Site!
Custom Flash Design for Your Website
David Williams Offers Organic SEO - Organic Search Engine Optimization Services to Improve Your Search Engine Ranking and Increase Targeted Traffic to Your Web Site!
Organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) by David Williams - Ethical 'White Hat' SEO best practices creating Search Engine Friendly pages to increase search engine rank naturally.
David Williams offers the most Comprehensive Web Design and Development Package including Search Engine Marketing and Promotion Services!
If you're not satisfied with the way your current website is performing - David Williams can redesign your web site to help you achive the desired results.
As an Additional Offering David Williams can include Web Site Usability Testing to augment the success of your Web Site!
David Williams offers a full array of Graphic Design, Custom Logo Design and Digital Imaging Services such as making "Web Ready Graphics", Image Correction, Image Manipulation, Custom Image and Logo Creation, Digital Photography and Photograph Restoration & Repair.
Is your office networked? Would you like a Unified System for the dissemination of information throughout your organization? David Williams can help you take full advantage of your network Intranet by making files, policy manuals, SOPs and more available to each pc in your network!
Here are but a few of the Benefits of Choosing David Williams as your Web Developer.
Recent additions to our Portfolio of satisfied Web Design, Website Redesign and SEO customers!
Here is a Glossary of Web Related Terms to increase your understanding of Web Design and Development.
No Personal or Private Data is revealed in these 3rd party Independent Research Case Studies Illustrating the Success of Web Sites Redesigned by David Williams.
Here a but a few concepts from literally Millions of Web Site Layouts and Schemes to Choose from... Imagine the Possibilities for Your Web Site!
Some call it Viral Marketing... some call it Customer Feedback - I call these testimonials of the relationships we have built over the years by doing it right the first time and staying in touch with our clients well after the sale.
David Williams Respects and Protects your Privacy. We will never sell your information to a 3rd party!
SmallBizNews is a Free Newsletter with organic seo tips and trends to help you with your internet marketing campaigns
David Williams offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
David Williams has published numerous articles concerning Small Businesses and Marketing on the Web - Here are some FREE White Papers for your enjoyment.
FREE Monthly Photo Calendars, FREE Printables and Templates
David Williams Clients can login to a "Customer Only" section for additional tools and resources.
Contact David Williams today and learn the many benefits of hiring a partner for your success.
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David A. Williams Legal Copyright Notice Copyright & Legal FAQ


David A. Williams Legal Copyright Notice


Legal Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What does David Williams have to offer?
David Williams offers variety of graphic design, web design and proprietary Organic SEO products & services for all of your Web Design and Internet Marketing needs. The products can be split into various categories which can be purchased individually or as a package.

May I use everything just for a one-time fee?
Yes, if you purchase services from David Williams you are free to use those products & services as much as you want. No additional charges apply unless you have retained David Williams to maintain your website and ongoing organic SEO campaigns. Then, maintenance fees will be charged by billable hours at David Williams current hourly rate.

What software do I need to work with your designs?
In order to update your own website you’ll need a html editor such as Expression Web, FrontPage, etc. To modify the graphics, you’ll need Adobe Photoshop 7.0 or software that has the ability to open PSD files. Flash products can be edited using Macromedia Flash MX or sWish. Note: You are not allowed to modify a Logo designed by David Williams without his written consent.

How often do you recommend Web Page and/or SEO updates?
David Williams suggests that all website owners keep their content & organic SEO campaigns active and fresh. It is best to review web metrics and key traffic indicators periodically to avoid becoming "stagnant".

Can I make money driving referrals to you?
Not exactly. David Williams carefully considers the referral of qualified leads that convert to new clients. While David Williams does not pay for referrals leading to revenues - he offers discounts to his best customers based on referrals and other criteria.

Does David Williams refund money?
No. David Williams collects non-refundable initial fees to cover the initial phases of research & design. Those fees will be deducted from your total bill at the end of the project. Since David Williams always gets your final approval for the services rendered; there is never a need to refund money. If a client is unhappy with our services; OR, if David Williams decides for whatever reason that he can no longer work with a client ~ a Termination of Services process can be initiated.

Are there any further fees beyond the design fees?
No, the Graphic Design, Web Design and Organic SEO fees are billed at the end of the project. If you choose David Williams to perform ongoing maintenance to your Web Site and Organic SEO campaigns; time spent performing those services will be billed at David Williams current hourly rate.

Do I need to provide an link back or acknowledgement to David Williams when I use David Williams' products and/or services?
Yes. Because you are purchasing a royalty free license to use David Williams' works; we'd appreciate your cooperation in citing the author of those works and give citation & links to provide any credit back to David Williams. We take great pride in the works we have created for you - please give credit where credit is due without alteration or hindrance as in "no follow" attributes even if a termination of services has been agreed upon.


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