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Current Issue: April ~ June 2009


SPECIAL ARTICLE - IE8 Has Problems with CSS

by David Williams - April 9, 2009


While not exclusive to IE8 the latest browser from Microsoft is struggling with CSS according to many developers. It didn't take long after the BETA version of the browser was launched for developers to begin complaining about the way IE8 renders CSS dependent components of web pages. Developers use CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) that define how different elements, such as headers, images, and links, appear. These style sheets can then be applied to any Web page on the site - thereby reducing the amount of time spent formatting each page in html. In Microsoft's defense; the problems are the result of...


read > IE8 Has Problems with CSS


News FLASH - Nearly 1 year later FLASH still isn't SEO Friendly

by David Williams - April 27, 2009


In June of 2008 Google announced they had improved their ability to index the contents of Flash files. As I shared the news with my clients; I did so with a word of caution so they wouldn't react with overwhelming joy too quickly. And I also explained that although Google also announced the ability to OCR  readable characters superimposed on images that the written word was still the best way to go for reaching visitors, visually impaired visitors and search engines alike. Now, nearly one year later, Flash elements are still posing problems for the best of the search engines and are unsurprisingly still not SEO Friendly.


read > Flash still isn't SEO Friendly


Reduced Advertising in Bad Economy Sends Sinking Message to Customers

by David Williams - May 13, 2009


Does it really pay to advertise during a recession? A Special Report by Ad-ology reveals how cutting advertising during slow economic times actually harms the consumer's perception of your business.


read > Cutting Advertising in a Recession does more Harm than Good


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